January 31, 2016

Kata session with Sensei Peter Savoy Kyoshi 8th dan. January 31, 2016 2:00-4:00pm – sold out

January 24, 2016

Grading January 24, 2016

August 01, 2014

Some new equipment has arrived so please order from your instructor.

  • Dogi uniform $50.00
  • Adult Dogi $99
  • Gloves $50
  • Boots $50
  • Head gear $50
  • Heavy uniform $299

January 06, 2014

Welcome 2014 and goodbye 2013. Last year was a fantastic year for Kyobukan Karate Dojo. We learned so much.  At our dojo we had some excellent master level guest instructors, in the summer we travelled to Ottawa to train with our teachers from Okinawa Japan Kinjo sensei and Gima Sensei and we capped it all off with another extremely successful trip TO Okinawa in the fall. One theme that kept coming up in 2013 was “The Way Is In Training” a much used saying but one that cannot be overused.  At Kyobukan we KNOW the way is in training because this is the only way at our home dojo in Okinawa The dojo of Miyazato Ei’ichi Sensei also known as Asato Dojo or commonly referred to as Jundokan. What 2013 taught us was where the way is NOT.

  • The way is not in teaching
  • The way is not in talking
  • The way is not on YouTube
  • And most importantly the way is not on facebook.

The way is in the dojo and the dojo is wherever you are training. Dojo nomi no karate to omou na

September 01, 2013


After 17 years, Ken Jacobs & Leigh Hume are no longer teaching at Kingsview Village School. We wish to thank the Dixon and surrounding community and hope to see you at our new location 222 Islington Avenue. Our contact info is  (416) 717-8455

October 2016

Next Black Belt Grading : December 2016


April 1, 2016

Jundokan Masters Training Camp Ottawa

May 27, 2014

Special Jundokan (Master) Class Barrie Ontario May 27, 2014 7:00-9:30 PM

May 23, 2014

May 2014 Jundokan Canada Seminars Montreal

Nov 4, 2018

Jundokan Seminars @ Jundokan Honbu


175 Birmingham St Etobicoke | 222 Islington Ave Etobicoke, ON M8V 3B9

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